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Using PayPal (follow the link below)

· New Member
Pay via PayPal and fill out this form: Additional Details for PayPal users and e-mail it to:

· Renewals (no change to contact details)
Just make your payment and we will use last year's details.
If you are paying for more than one person please let us know who by e-mailing names:

· Renewals (change of contact details)
Pay via PayPal and fill out this form: Additional Details for PayPal users and e-mail it to:

Using the Form - New members & Renewals (follow the link below)

Complete and post to the address on the form

Aber AC Membership Form

General Information

·         When you first join we will send you your Welsh Athletics number and a welcome e-mail containing the following welcome document

· Membership runs for 12 months between April the 1st and the 31st of March the following year.

· ALL club fees include club training sessions - no pay on the day anymore.

· NEW memberships received after January the 1st will include the remainder of the membership year (finishes 31st March) plus the following 12 months of the following membership year.

E.g. join on the 1st of Jan 2018 and you won't need to pay again until 1st of April 2019.

· UPGRADES to 1st claim after January the 1st include the remainder of the membership year (finishes 31st March) plus the following 12 months. If this is you please pay the social membership fee for the year. This means you won't pay the WA fee.

Types of membership
1st Claim
By joining 1st claim you pay all your Welsh Athletics fees in one go, for seniors its £17.50 and with Aber AC this is included as part of your club membership which is £32.50. By doing this you won't have to pay the £2 paid by unattached runners at each event. If you race seven times or more you start to save. This is the membership level you will need if you wish to represent the club and wear the vest in ALL types of races including the Gwent League XC, the Castles Relays and ALL Welsh/UK Championship races.
  • Senior Fees (20 and over*) - £32.50 per annum
  • Juniors Fees (16 -19 years*) - £22.50 per annum
  • Junior Fees (Under 16*) - £15.00 per annum
*Age on 31st August 2015


2nd Claim

ONLY ONLY choose this if you have joined another club as a first claim member and paid your WA fees through them. This type of membership allows you to run for Aber AC in NON championship races but you will need to run for your first claim club in events like the castles relays, its worth checking before you enter anything..
  • 2nd Claim Senior (20 & Over*) - £20.00 per annum
  • 2nd Claim Junior (16-19*) - £15.00 per annum
  • 2nd Claim Junior (under 16*) - £10.00 per annum
*Age on 31st August 2015

Social membership
Social membership is a great way of trying out the club and running itself. You have the same rights as a 1st claim member but there are some things that you can't do, these are:
  1. Claim AAC Membership when entering races held under UKA or WA Licences & and therefore obtain reduced entry fees, this is usually £2 per race.
  2. Race in AAC kit.
  3. Compete in races that require runners to have Full AAC Membership with Welsh Athletics Registration
  4. Compete on behalf of the Club, West Wales Region or Wales.
  5. Hold office in the Club committee
  6. Vote at AGM or EAGM
You can upgrade to Full membership at any time by paying the £17.50 Welsh Athletics registration fee.
  • Social Senior (20 & Over*) - £15.00 per annum
  • Social Junior (16-19*) - £10:00 per annum
  • Social Junior (Under 16*) - £5:00 per annum
*Age on 31st August 2015
How to join or renew your membership?


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