Weekly Training Schedule

 Monday Nights - Ladies Only
 Monday Nights - C25k - Ladies Only  7:00pm
 Tuesday Nights - Seniors - some sessions suitable for Juniors
 Wednesday Night - Ladies Only Tempo Sessions
 Seniors Speed/Endurance

The weekly training schedule is designed to give you at least two of the three core training sessions i.e. Efforts, on a Monday/Tuesday & Tempo on Wednesday/Thursday.

The schedule also shows those Senior Sessions where Juniors are invited to take part (J)

The training includes some Time Trials, where these are on a Monday night, men are also invited to take part.

All the sessions should be a challenge irrespective of your ability or level of fitness and if you push yourself hard during these sessions you will obtain the most benefit in levels of fitness. Running in a group will help you achieve this and perhaps even make it enjoyable. One thing's for sure, you are very unlikely to do these quality sessions by yourself so make every effort to turn up.

Please make every effort to wear high visibility reflective clothing for training during the winter months.