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Ian Evans - Chairman


Ian has been with the club since 2005 and has gradually progressed  from  5k  to longer distance races - he now leads the Thursday Tempo session. He is a qualified Coach in Running Fitness

For his determination and commitment Ian is the inaugural winner of the Aberystwyth AC Pugnis et Calcibus Trophy

 Stephen King - Membership Secretary

Stephen is primarily interested in long distance and off road running. As well as the work he does with the club he also helps organise the Red Kite Challenge.

Email Brian Ashton - Senior Coach

 "Bash" has been with the club since the seventies and has experience across all disciplines.

He wrote the authorative history of the club and is willing to let anyone have a copy - just ask.

 Email Louise Barker - Treasurer
 Louise designs the training programmes for Ladies and Seniors and the main coach for both the Monday and Tuesday sessions

Louise is a highly regarded competitor in Trail and Fell races across Wales and is winner of (Wo)Man v Horse

 Email Anita Worthing - Secretary

Anita has made a huge impression as a long distance runner and regularly features in awards for her age class.

Anita is the mastermind behind the Aberystwyth parkrun

All correspondence with the Club should be addressed to Anita.

 Email Helen Williams - Child Welfare Officer
 Helen monitors the child welfare policy at the club. Any concerns should be brought to her attention.
 EmailCliff Thomas - Publicist

Cliff works hard to ensure that the club gets its fair share of column inches in the local press and is always on the lookout for positive stories.

A master of the long distance race he has completed the Comrades Marathon in South Africa.

 Email Adriano Evola - Social Secretary

Adriano is always looking forward to the next big event.

He organises the Bunkhouse weekend, Social running calendar and the annual Children in Need marathon Relay

 EmailPaul Rose - Runners Representative

Paul is a very experienced runner who has represented the club in many races.

As a runner's representative he works with the committee to help us ensure that we are doing things for the benefit of the club

 EmailShelley Childs - Runners Representative

 Shelley has been with the club over 10 years but joined us on the committee in 2013. 

As well as being one of the club's leading runners, Shelley is also a leading light in the Ystwyth Cycling Club and brings his experience there to help out with our shared objective to get all weather and cycling and running tracks in Aberystwyth.